sitTxT Broadcast uses a pay as you go text credit system for purchasing and sending text messages.  While there is no fee to register with the site, you will not be able to send text messages without purchasing some text credits first. 

Listed here are our price breaks (all prices are in US$):

250 = $25.00
500 = $47.50 (5% discount)
1000 = $90.00 (10% discount)
5000 = $425.00 (15% discount)
10,000 = $800.00 (20% discount)

1 text credit will usually = 1 text message. However some destinations may require more credits which is dependent on the network operators in that particular region.

Credits are used based on the destination of the text message, not where you are sending it from.

Use the table below to determine how many credits are required for the countries you intend to send to.