Send a text in three easy steps

Businesses around the globe are using the sitTxT broadcast text engine to send bulk text messages to their clients and customers.

Having obtained their customers cell phone information, through the sitTxT widgets (Text-in to Opt-In, Website opt-in or manually), businesses can send a bulk text message to any of their distribution lists.

Sending a text from sitTxT Broadcast is very easy. From the My Lists page you can click on the "send text" icon next to the list you are interested in sending to.


You will be redirected to the Send Text page where you can enter your message information.

Step 1 - Enter the group message for every one on the distribution list.
Step 2 - Enter individual messages for the contacts on the list.

We will always tell you how many text credits you will be using to send the message.

Step 3 - Click on the 'Send Text' button and we will transmit your message via SMS to the mobile phones on your distribution list.

If you don't want to send it now you can save the message as a draft to be edited later or save the message as a draft to be automatically sent at the date and time of your choosing.