Chose from any of our free widgets to help with your marketing campaigns

sitTxT broadcast has many tools and add-in functions that help to enhance your sitTxT broadcast experience. We give you some value added features that give your business/company the edge in this tight economy.

We are constantly adding more tools so that our service to you is up to date with the latest trends and ideas. So keep checking back on this page to see what's new.

Text-In to Opt-In - have your customers follow you

We've developed some easy ways for you to collect your customer's contact information. Our widgets protect your customer's privacy and they protect you. It will also ensure that you are compliant with "MMA's (mobile marketing association's) guidelines and best practices". 

Turn one time customers into regulars. Have them text in to follow your specials.

sitTxT broadcast allows you to set up different distribution lists e.g. lunch specials, vip customers, happy hour, kareoke night. Use this widget to set up which of those distribution lists you want your customers to follow. Set up the response text message for each list, which will automatically be sent back to them when they text in.

All your customer needs to do is send a text to sitTxT broadcast using your unique distribution list number. They are automatically added to that list and receive your response text back.

Now you can text them anytime, from this list. Or you can add them to other lists that might be of interest to them.

Try it now, just text "tryit" to (US) 513-206-9152.

NZ Customers text "tryit" to 0274 99 66 11.

Australasian customers, text "tryit" to +64 274 99 66 11.

Get onboard with the latest marketing trend

We are thrilled to offer the latest QR code technology as a way to help people opt-in.

The Text-In to Opt-In widget will generate the QR code automatically for you. Simply download and save the image to your computer and then add it to your pamphlets and other marketing material.

Using their smart phones readers, customers can scan your QR code and send in their opt-in request via SMS. No opt-in codes or phone numbers to remember. It's all there automatically in the QR Code.

Try it with the QR code to the left.

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Opt In from your website

This widget helps you to add a form to your website to collect your customers information. All you need to do is put this code in an iFrame on any of your website pages.

Customisable fields include Cell #, Customer Name, Country, State and Zip Code.

You can also customise the welcome response that will be displayed on the form and the welcome text sent to the user once they have clicked to opt-in.

sitTxT broadcast will also send you an email to let you know that someone new has opted in.

Take a look at a sample here.

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Go Green with Text-In random draws.

Get rid of the fish bowl and all those business cards.

Have your customers text into your random drawings.

You can set how often and when the draws will occur. Our Random Draw engine will automatically send the winner a text message and email you their contact information.

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Set up mutliple voting competitions.

This widget is great for Kareoke Bars.

Set the time frame for voting.

You can customise the number of times someone can vote and the response text. You can also set up website voting.

Use your mobile to get real time voting results, identify the winner, reset the competition or clear it completely ready for new contestants.

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Appointment Reminders for your customers or patients.

When your business depends on customers keeping their appoinments, this widget helps you keep the missed ones to a minimum.

Just send a "Text" Reminder.  Use the power of text messages to remind your customers about the date and time they're scheduled to meet with you. You can also send an email reminder at the same time.

You have complete control over when the reminder texts go out.  Load up all your reminders for the week on one day, and then schedule them to go out at regualr intervals through out the week, completely defined by you.

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Send an email marketing campaign

This widget makes it easy for you to send an email blast.

Just create an excel (or csv) file of email address you want to reach, set up the email content, upload the file and send.

We can even eliminate duplicate email addresses, if you require.

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Import your contact's information

Upload a list of contacts from an excel spreadsheet.

Using this widget allows you to do a bulk upload of contact information saving your fingers from doing all the work.

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