Send a text message or email to your congregation

Now you can use the power of text messages to reach out to your congregation. 

sitTxT broadcast helps you incorporate email messages with text messages to keep everyone updated on meetings, special events, reminders, prayer requests and daily inspiration messages.

Take advantage of the growing global SMS networks and reach out to your missionaries for the same cost as local. No more paying extra for out of country text messages. 

How do I get my congregations contact information? 

We understand that collecting contact information is sometimes considered an instrusion. People are weary about giving out their information and want assurances that it will be kept private.

So we've developed some easy ways for your congregation to let you know they are interestsed in receiving your updates.

These tool also protect you from being considered a spammer and will ensure that you are compliant with "mma's (mobile marketing association's) guidelines and best practices".

This widget allows your congregation to initiate the text messages by texting in their cell phone number to your churches sitTxT broadcast account.

sitTxT broadcast allows you to set up different distribution lists e.g. youth group, ladies study, prayer chain, church wide updates, hospitality, helping hands ministry etc. Each list has a unique code.

All a memeber needs to do is text in to sitTxT broadcast the code for the list they want to be a part of. They are added to that list and receive a response text back that you have created for that list.

Now you can send a reminder text, emergency text or any text to the people on the list from your sitTxT broadcast account .

US Customers - Try it now, just text "tryit" to 513-206-9152.

New Zealand Customers text "tryit" to 0274-99-66-11.

Asian Customers text "tryit" to (64) - 274-99-66-11.

Use this widget to add a form to your churches website. Your congregation can enter their contact details directly on your website and will receive a welcome text back. 

Take a look at a sample here.

Upload a list of contacts from an excel spreadsheet.

Using this widget allows you to do a bulk upload of contact information saving your fingers from doing all the work.

This is a great tool if your congregation has already given you permission in writing,  to contact them via their cell phone.