Never lose a lead at the front door

There can be nothing more frustrating for potential buyers than to drive past the house you have for sale and find no flyer informtion available.

Now sitTxT broadcast makes it easy for them to get information they want and for you to get prospective buyer information.

Take advantage of the growing global SMS networks and harness the power of text messaging to grow your business.

Here's how this technology can work for you.

  • Buyer drives past a property that you are advertising and have for sale.
  • They see your house code written on your sign and text that code into sitTxT broadcast.
  • They receive an automated text response back e.g. "1975sqf, 3 beds, 3 bath, $295K. Please call Joe @ 333-333-3333 or visit
  • Their cell # is automatically added to the distribution list for this property on your sitTxT broadcast account and sitTxT will inform you immediately.

Try it now, just text "sellit" to (USA) 513-206-9152.


New Zealand customers text "sellit" to 0274-99-66-11.

Asian customers service text "sellit" to (64) 274-99-66-11.

So who benefits? Everyone!!!


  • You have information about a property available instantly on your cell phone.
  • You have the agents information right there on your phone and don't have to keep another piece of paper safe somewhere.
  • You'll receive updates about the house as they occur e.g. Moffet Road house price dropped to $250K!!
  • You have the option to opt out at anytime.


  • Potential buyer contact information instantly available so you can call them directly to follow up.
  • Each house can have a different automated text response that is completely controlled by you. You have 130 characters to create an informative message.
  • sitTxT will notify you everytime someone opts in to follow one of your properties.
  • By using the sitTxT Broadcast text messaging service you can send updates for this property in the future to all the contacts that have shown interest in it, without having to remember cell phone numbers and names.
  • You can add buyers to other house distribution lists that you think they may be interested in.
  • There is no limit to the number of people you can have opted in to a distribution list for a house.
Are you ready to get the most from your marketing?