Promote your daily specials via a Text Coupon

Mobile Coupons are environmentally friendly, effective and timely.

Imagine it's 11:30 and people are starting to think about lunch.
  • Who's got a good deal for lunch today?
  • Where should I go?
  • What do I feel like eating?
Now imagine them receiving your mobile coupon:

"Today's Lunch special - BLT sub with extra bacon and free soda only $4.99. Just show us this text. See you soon at Jim's Subs"

Guess where they're likey to go?

That's right straight to Jim's Subs. It's as easy as that.

How do I get customers onboard?

We've created some helpful tools that make it easy for your customers.

Text-In to Opt-In

Turn one time customers into regulars. Have them text in to follow your specials.

sitTxT broadcast allows you to set up different distribution lists e.g. lunch specials, vip customers, happy hour, kareoke night. Use this widget to set up which of those distribution lists you want your customers to follow. Set up the response text message for each list, which will automatically be sent back to them when they text in.

All your customer needs to do is text in to sitTxT broadcast the distribution list number. They are added to that list and receive the response text back.

Now you can text them anytime, from any list.

Try it now, just text "tryit" to (USA) 513-206-9152.


New Zealand customers text "tryit" to 0274-99-66-11.

Asian customers service text "tryit" to (64) 274-99-66-11.

New QR Code Opt-in

We are thrilled to offer the latest QR code technology as a way to help people opt-in.

The Text-In to Opt-In widget will generate the QR code automatically for you. Simply download and save the image to your computer and then add it to your pamphlets and other marketing material.

Using their smart phones readers, customers can scan your QR code and send in their opt-in request via SMS. No codes or phone numbers to remember. It's all there in the QR Code

Try it with the QR code to the left.

Website Opt-In

Use this widget to add a form to your website to collect your customers information.

Take a look at a sample here.

Contact Import

Upload a list of contacts from an excel spreadsheet.

If you already have a database of customer information, you can use this widget to do a bulk upload of that contact information. Saves your fingers from doing all the work.