Keep your team informed through Text Alerts

Text messaging is the easiest and quickest way to alert your team to changes and cancellations.

What is more annoying than leaving work early to get to a game or practice only to turn up to an empty field. Seems you were too busy to check your voice mails or emails before racing out the door, letting you know it had been cancelled.

Make sure this doesn't happen to your team or club members.

Take a look at all the helpful tools we've put together that will make it easy for your team to opt-in to follow your text updates. You can also send multiple email blasts to keep your team informed and updated.

How to collect Team Member information

We've made this super easy with out Text-In to Opt-In widget.

Text-In to Opt-In

We've allowed you to create as many distribution lists as you need. Each distribution list that you create has a unique code.

Just have your team text your special code to: (US) 513-206-9152

Now they are:
  • Automatically added to your list
  • Receive your created welcome text, back automatically
  • Automatically included in any alerts you send in the future

Try it now, just text "tryit" to (USA) 513-206-9152.

Asian customers Coming Soon

New QR Code Opt-in

We are thrilled to offer the latest QR code technology as a way to help people opt-in.

The Text-In to Opt-In widget will generate the QR code automatically for you. Simply download and save the image to your computer and then add it to your pamphlets and other team material.

Using their smart phones readers, team members can scan your QR code and send in their opt-in request via SMS. No codes or phone numbers to remember. It's all there in the QR Code.

Try it with the QR code to the left.

Website Opt-In

Another easy way for team members to opt in is a custom form on your teams webiste. It's easy to create an easy online sign where you can collect a team members name, email address and cell number.

This widget automatically generates the iFrame code for you to place on your website.

Take a look at a sample here.

Contact Import

Upload a list of contacts from an excel spreadsheet.

Using this widget allows you to do a bulk upload of contact information saving your fingers from doing all the work.